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14 May 2021

Generating PDF in .NET Core using Libreoffice

Looking for Nuget extensions to generate PDF output? Here's an interesting option that uses templates in DOCX/HTML and performs the conversion.
05 May 2021

Contract First Web Service Development in .NET

Working on information systems integration, often comes the task of implementing a Web Service following a previously defined contract.
19 Apr 2021

Reading appsettings.json without DI/IoC using .NET Core

Creating a console program to run a batch job or some other kind of recurrent task is nice. Even nicer is to be able to pass along some …
07 Apr 2021

Automation programs in .NET Core - more examples

Addition of some more examples to the collection of simple automation programs, using C#.
29 Mar 2021

Automatic class creation for unmarshalling JSON

If you're working with JSON, say for REST web services, and you don't have the class to unmarshall the response, Visual Studio can automatically generate the class for you.