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27 Jun 2022

Better Powershell SQL comand exection using Dbatools

Recently I chose to develop a quick batch solution, for working with SQL Server databases, using Powershell and the Invoke-SqlCmd cmdlet. I was faced with unexpected errors. After quick workaround on the code, I was able to get things done. However, recently I got to redo the batch resulting on a more performant solution. The key to this was the Invoke-DbaQuery Cmdlet.

The Invoke-DbaQuery Cmdlet is part of the Dbatools, a free PowerShell module with over 500 SQL Server best practice, administration, development and migration commands included.

So, my previous solution got me to the following code:

As simple as it looks, the fact that I threw away the pipe operator and the ForEach-Object meant to loose thead paralelism. To improve performance I tried replacing it with Invoke-DbaQuery. It executed fine, with an almost instant processing in comparison with the FIFO code. The final code I have is simmilar to the originally intended: