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12 Mar 2021

Simple automation programs in .NET Core

I’m building a collection of simple programs, using C#, for automating everyday tasks with .NET Core. So far I’ve made available examples on how to:

  • Organize files inside a folder according to date: date-named-folders
  • Compress files inside a given folder into a ZIP archive: compress-folder-zip
  • Flatten a folder, moving files to parent directory: flatten-folder
  • Scrape html table to csv text file: web-scrape-table
  • Take a CSV file and save it into Excel: save-csv-to-excel

The samples are built with VSCode, the integrated terminal and the following extensions:

The main purpose is to have “ready-to-go” realiable code for routine tasks, instead of searching the Internet looking for it. I’ve targeted .NET 5 so it should be cross-platform.