Love to code although it bugs me.


Currently employed as a consultant, working with Microsoft and FOSS technologies, at the portuguese public administration. As time flies, I’ve been an IT professional for over 20 years, working first as a systems analyst (what they used to call a jack of all trades programmer) at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) and evolving my career to a senior consultant there. Having a brief CRM platform experience at a portuguese firm called Novabase, I finally landed a job as a developer and later database support engineer, at the portuguese ministry of justice IT institute. This is where I spent most of my career, until I landed on an open position for head of unit on a public Institution for regulatory affairs regarding public works, real estate and public procurement. Recently I’ve progressed back to doing stuff I love: working as a technology consultant and programmer.


Ozzie was my nickname at school and still is for some close friends. It’s a made up abbreviation for my family name “Osório”. The meaning of “Eu” in portuguese is “me” so it made perfect sense to call my personal site Ozzie.EU, being a statement for “Ozzie, yes that’s me”. All the firms and institutions I worked for had an awesome variety of support platforms and applications. All this background and the daily problem solving I’m faced with, adding some eagerness to learn, qualify me as a technology handyman. As we say in portuguese: “pau para toda a obra”, in english “jack of all trades”. To describe myself in short: IT developer, passionate about my loved ones (they know who they are), keen on understanding new technologies, eager to learn new things and a general technology trends watcher.